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Not Just A Game

A voice over can make or break an otherwise excellent game. Videogame voice over and dubbing in Greek is easier than ever with our large voice bank of professional Greek video game dubbing actors, state-of-the-art studio environment , native voice over directors and production managers.


Press Play

We are proud to be a part of voice over production and language localization for world famous game titles such as: League of legends, GTA, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Civilization and Assassin’s Creed.

Back in the days videogames were meant solely for entertainment. Today videogames are also being used for education, where while playing a game, users are both learning and experiencing, gaining rewards and bonus points for practicing certain skills or reaching goals in regards of knowledge.


Game On

Whether your video game is Action, Adventure, Arcade, Board, Casino, Educational, Racing, Simulation, Sport, Strategy, Mobile or designed for social media marketing, we can provide you with expertise, knowledge and experience to assist you on your Greek video game voice over project.


I Know That Voice

More and more often these days’ video games are developed in tandem with major motion picture studios to complement a feature film that already has been released. It’s more common that original lines of dialogue are voice acted by celebrities- the same actors that are acting on the feature film. That is why expectations on voice talent casting, selected voices and acting performance are so high.

When doing Greek voice over for video game, matching the original character voice timbres and following the original dialogue lines as a voice acting performance reference, is essential.

There are two primary types of video game voice over: acting and narration. Like animation, video game voice over is recorded one actor at a time, alone in a booth. Nowadays successful video games require a catchy concept, bright dialogues, quality animation and energetic voices. Exceptional user experience is achieved by voices that keep gamers motivated throughout the entire game, over and over again.

Role-playing games often feature thousands of dialogue lines and require voice acting that keeps the game vital and surprising. Same lines are often recorded in multiple ways so that player’s experience is varied and unpredictable, especially when certain action, question or response is repeated.

All type of games require narrators to instruct beginning players and inform more advanced gamers on their progress. There are numerous ways a voice actor might need to use their voice. In spite of talking to another character, video game voice actors may need to shout, scream, yell and make all kinds of vocal sounds. As video games are becoming more and more cinematic, it takes a special type of character voice acting that to be able to create and maintain suspense to the audience.

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Join all major Greek voice over projects that come to life here! We are the actual producer of your Greek voice over and all production is held indoors up to the highest industry standards!

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