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Voice Over Talents


Great Diversity

Select your voice from a large voice bank of professional Greek voice talents or ask for assistance! Our voice over professionals have an extensive background in advertising, theater, radio, TV and film, with different range in age and vocal style to suit your needs. They are all native speakers which ensure a contemporary, hands-on approach to local culture and mindset– aspects, which have a great impact on pronunciation, articulation and overall tone of voice acting performance.


Bring Your Content to Life

Incorporating voice over into marketing is a proven winning strategy for small, medium and large businesses. Voice over can play a key role in direct consumer outreach. However, using voice over properly takes knowledge, experience and often professional consulting in order to work out well.


Find Your Voice

Choosing the right talent(s) for your voice over project can be frustrating with so many options available. There are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to make the right decision such as: project genre and specifications, many talent factors like native tongue, gender, age, professional experience, voice acting skills, voice characteristics, union membership etc. In order to better serve your needs on the most suitable talent for your project, we provide you with:

• native speaking Greek voice talents
• cost effective options and suggestions
• professional male and female voice actors
• union members
• experienced voice artists
• non-union talents

It’s always challenging to take a decision on voice talent gender when casting a voice for your project. The decision depends mostly on the product (service) type and on the targeted marketing audience.

In video dubbing the voice should match the original voice or the onscreen character.


Timbre Variety

Talent age is related to the type of content that needs to be voiced as well as the target audience. We provide Greek voice over talents of all age, covering the full range of voice marketing needs:

• Greek kids voice talents
• Greek young adult voice talents
• Greek children voice talents
• Greek middle aged voice talents
• Greek teen voice talents
• Greek senior voice talents


Character Voices

Talent’s voice timbre defines their suitability to a certain voice over project or type of media content. In order to cover your needs, we provide a broad range of talents with various voice characteristics:

airy, arrogant, attitude, believable, big, breathy, calming, casual, charming, cheerful, classy, clear, comedic, compassionate, cool, corporate, crisp, current, cute, deep, dignified, dynamic, easy-going, educational, elegant, enthusiastic, exciting, expressive, friendly, fun, gravely, happy, hip, informative, innocent, intelligent, inviting, laid back, luxurious, neighborly, optimistic, perky, personable, playful, powerful, promoting, quirky, raspy, raw, relaxing, rough, sarcastic, scratchy, sensual, sexy, silly, smooth, soft, soothing, street, sweet, tough, trustworthy, upbeat, urban, warm and more.


Content is King

It is true. After all, the content, its purpose and its message is what this is all about.
It’s what consumers watch or listen to. Working with voice talents, experienced in voicing a certain type of media content means you have a strong asset that will add value to your marketing efforts and get you a step closer to your market.

In order to better serve you we provide a broad range of talents experienced in:

• Movies & cinema
• Video games
• Cartoons
• Telephony & on hold
• Narration
• Rich-media
• Ads and infomercials
• Applications
• Website audio
• Podcasts
• Marketing videos
• Educational
• GPS navigations & Kiosks
• Audio books & dictionaries
• Presentations


Knowing Your Business

One of the many reasons why you should take advantage of our free talent casting consulting service is because we have local market knowledge and a huge experience not only with different Greek voice talents. Over the years we have worked on hundreds of Greek voice over projects of various business industries, educating, informing or promoting specific messages to the local audience. Our experience in Greek voice over projects covers but is not limited to the following industries:

• Entertainment • Interactive
• Advertising • Multimedia
• Education • Political
• Gaming • Medical
• Telecom  

Upon request we can review your voice over project and provide you with a free consulting.

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Join all major Greek voice over projects that come to life here! We are the actual producer of your Greek voice over and all production is held indoors up to the highest industry standards!

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