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Giving Your Brand a Voice

For over 20 years of experience we have recorded and completed hundreds of Greek voice over projects for various Customers from all parts of the world & different industries, voicing and dubbing a huge variety of content by providing the full package of related linguistic and production services.


Think Globally. Speak Locally.

In this exiting era of Globalization where market has no boundaries, where international teams join forces to develop and provide universal products, where quality content is welcomed all around the Globe, regardless of the country, ethnicity, religion or language, targeting and speaking to tens of local markets is what makes your content Global and reveals its qualities to their full potential.

In a world of communication and constantly increasing media noise, having a unique voice to carry out your messages is essential for achieving your communication goals. Your brand must speak out to your target market and your audience loud and clear, with the unique voice timbre of your own.

We provide you with that unique Greek voice and speak to your Greek market on your behalf.

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Join all major Greek voice over projects that come to life here! We are the actual producer of your Greek voice over and all production is held indoors up to the highest industry standards!

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