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Greece voices that sell! Largest database of professional male and female Greece commercial voice over actors and local show business and sports celebrities available for your TV, Radio or internet (web) commercial voice over project! State of the art commercial audio recording and production studio, operated by a professional team of sound engineers and production managers, under the supervision of your project manager, providing you with an outstanding project logistics!


Outstanding Performance

Working with Graffiti Studios means working with an award winning audio recording and production company with over 20 years of experience in providing professional Greece commercial voice over services to the Global market! Our experience with industry leaders like BBDO, Ogilvy and Omnicom has set an attitude of satisfying demanding customers and exceeding clients’ expectations on highly demanding and responsible Greece Broadcast commercial localization voice over projects.

To achieve service convergence, we produce the full range of voice over sub-services:

• Script translation and adaptation • Mix, Master and Sound design
• Commercial voice over recording & production • ISDN line for remote recording
• Free royalty & original music • All digital media file formats supported
• TV, Radio & internet (web)  


Bring Your Script to Life

Trust your Greece TV commercial adaptation with the professionals! From casting suitable voice talents through high-end recording, editing and in time delivery, we provide the complete package!

Your TV commercial is all about credibility! Matching the onscreen characters with the appropriate Greece voices needs some professional consulting. The message, behavior, onscreen action and reaction must look and sound believable. While syncing the script word by word we take the best out of our voice actors in order to make your TV commercial achieve its marketing goals. Having in mind the high budgets put in a TV advertising campaign and the high level of expectation on investment return, casting the appropriate voices, voice acting performance, voice directing, recording quality, post-production following the provided specifications and delivery within the deadline- this should all be in line in order to fit in the bigger picture of taking part in the process of a successful TV campaign.

• Greece TV commercial dubbing
• Localization, adaptation & transcreation
• Lip sync recording


From Words To M&E

Trust your Greece Radio commercial adaptation with the professionals! Submit your script, listen to our Greece voice talent demos and choose your preferred voice talents from our voice bank!

Your Radio commercial is all about the audio- voice over, music and effects! As Radio is no visual media, the voice carries out the duty to compensate the lack of vision, provoke the imagination of listeners and to promote a product, service or a brand to the audience. Having in mind the high budgets placed in a single radio campaign and the high level of expectations on investment return, your voice talents should be selected carefully and your radio commercial must be produced with commitment to excellence, in order to get the essence of your original message and take it across the local language. We are aware what is at stake and we treat your project with responsibility.

• Greece Radio commercial voice over
• Radio jingles
• Radio imaging


Pick Your Voice

Request suitable talent demos from a large voice bank of 100 + professional native Greece broadcasted voice talents with high performance voice acting skills, carefully selected over the years. Male and female voice talents available in any character age (kids, teens or adults) and timbre (clear and intelligent, bouncy and funky, cool and relaxed, friendly or corporate, strong, assured and witty, funny, chindren like, sexy and smart female voices, light or midtone, deep tone, husky, bright, breezy and funny).

It's Easy To Get Started!

Join all major TV, Radio and Internet broadcast ad campaigns that come to life here! We are the actual producer of your Greece commercial voice over project and all production is held indoors!

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