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State Of The Art Facility

Welcome to our Greek voice over recording and production studios!

Our spacious recording rooms and voice booths can house 3 to 4 people. The control room can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people during recording sessions. We provide you with a studio environment of unique architecture, specially designed for the finest sound reproduction. Our control rooms and booths fulfil the most demanding Broadcast quality audio requirements.


Quality Audio

The synergy of professional project management & production team, technology and studio environment is the key factor for providing you with a quality audio at Global standards. We deliver ready-to-use files at faster turnaround within your deadline and at no compromise on quality.


The Expertise

During the years we have built a team of highly skilled native Greek voice over professionals. While other studios invest only in equipment, we invest a lot in people also because we strongly believe that it's the people who make the difference. That is what sets us apart from other studios. In order to ensure a 360 degree convergence and deliver an upmost service, we provide you with:

• Greek voice talents, actors & artists • Greek production managers
• Greek sound engineers • Greek project managers
• Greek translators • Greek post production supervisors
• Greek language consultants • Greek voice over directors
• Greek script editors • QCs
• Greek transcription professionals  


Global Standards

Our in-house studios are integrated in a common studio environment, which allows us to share recording sessions among the indoor studios, easily transfer files thanks to our high capacity internet connection and store terabytes of media files for a safe back-up on our thermo controlled servers. Your ready-to-use media files are available for immediate access through our secure FTP protocol.

Recording Hardware:

• Avid | Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel System, 96 I/O
with Mac Pro
• Genelec 1031A Studio Monitors
• Studer 963 Audio Console – 28 ch, 8 Bus
• K & M Studio Monitors
• Studer A 80 – 24 tracks analog tape recorder with 24 channel Dolby System
• 6 Fully equipped 4.7Ghz PC workstations
• SSL – X-Rack
• RME HDSP 9652 – 24 channel I/O interface
• MOTU 8pre - 8 channel interface
• UAD2 - DSP Card
• TL Audio Indigo series – 4 channel tube preamp
• TC Powercore DSP Card
• 10 TB FTP server storage


• Neumann U 87 • Rode NT 2A
• Neumann TLM-103 • MXL – Black, Silver
• AKG 414, D-112 • Shure SM 57, SM 58, Beta 56
• Audio-Technika AT 3035  

Audio Software:

• Pro Tools HD 10 - Global standard for Digital Audio Workstations. Universally compatible with other studios.
• Sony Vegas Pro
• Cubase SX 7.0
• Waves Bundle Plugins
• Wavelab
• AudioTX ISDN line, competible with all major audio codecs



• HD – Video monitoring system
• Blackmagic Design– DeckLink HD Pro
• RED ONE – Digital cinema camera
• AVID montage system with Mac Pro
• Sony HD CAM SR 5800
• Final Cut Pro System with Mac Pro

Video Software

• Adobe premiere
• Final Cut Pro


• Subtitle Workshop
• EZ Titles


…Is Half the Battle Won

Our outstanding project logistics and project management sets us apart from other studio facilities. Using custom voice over project management tools in a shared space environment allows multiple employees to log in and work simultaneously on a single project, having direct access to source materials, project requirements, audio specifications and other customer instructions to follow. This allows us to work with a brain surgery precision on your voice over project, providing you with:

• Project planning
• Greek voice over talent casting
• Multiple recording schedule management
• Project organization, management & logistics


Creating Your Greek Voice Over

We provide quality control on each project and production stage to ensure a compliant final product.
All projects are personally managed by a dedicated Project Manager who is available 24/7 and serves as a liaison between the Customer and our Production Department, ensuring a smooth process.

Our Production Department is lead by Production Manager who is in charge to execute the production task, set by the Project Manager by following the provided specifications and requirements, casting both talent and production crew and applying production quality control.

Our Production Manager delivers the media product for approval to the assigned Project Manager at each production stage while the Project Manager is at constant contact with the customer.

In order to serve your voice over production needs, we provide the full range of audio services:

• Recording
• Jingles
• Editing
• Radio imaging
• Lip sync
• Music and effects (M&E)
• Sound design
• Foley


From Start to Finish

Delivery of your requested final audio file (s) according to your provided specifications is the main focus of all our efforts and services on every step while working on your Greek voice over project.

In order to ensure a 360 degree convergence and deliver the best possible service, we provide also:

• Avid DS|HD Online Finishing • Post Supervision and Consulting
• 2k/4k Digital Intermediate • 3D conversion (2D content into 3D )
• Avid Symphony • Original music
• Avid Express Pro HD • Scoring-to-picture
• Media Composer, Express Pro HD • 3D Matchmoving
• Final Cut Pro HD • 3D subtitling
• ProTools HD Sound Design • 2D Tracking
• HDCAM SR, D5, DVCPRO HD & HDV • Encoding and trans-coding
• HD Down-converts and digitizing • Graphics customization


Remote Recording

Modern technology allows studios around the Globe to share teams, resources and expertise. Location is no longer a limitation and in order to comply with your needs we provide you with:

• ISDN- multiple ISDN codecs (APT-X and MPEG), compatible with all major codecs
• Source connect
• Skype
• Phone patch

Thus we can always get connected and work on your Greek voice over project!


Across All Platforms and Mediums

As your vendor, we are here to share our experience on Greek voice over production and to consult you if nessesairy in order to support your actions and efforts towards achieving your goals. For us it is not only important how we will do our part of the job but above all we care how our job will affect your plan to achieve your goals. Our attitude on your voice over project sets us apart. In order to cover all your potential file format needs, we provide but we are not limited to:

• Mono/Stereo/5.1 Surround 24 Bit 48Khz WAV/AIFF, Broadcast WAVE
• OMF/AAF (multitrack audio + SMPTE data)
• All MP3 formats, including AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC & OGG
• We can lay the sound-mix to your Quicktime film and deliver an .MP4 or .MOV
• µlaw 2:1, Alaw 2:1, PCM, Vox (For IVRs or Interactive Voice Recognition)
• More formats available on demand

It's Easy To Get Started!

Join all major Greek voice over projects that come to life here! We are the actual producer of your Greek voice over and all production is held indoors up to the highest industry standards!
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