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100% Satisfaction

Greek voice over recording and production services with professional native speaking male, female and kid voice talents, recorded at our state-of-the-art voice over studio in Greece!


We Speak for You

Since 1994 Graffiti Studios provide professional Greek voice over recording and voice over production services to the Global market. We speak your language and get your message across.


Easy To Get Started

We are here to share our expertise and consult you on the most appropriate approach for your Greek voice over project. It only takes 3 easy steps to produce Greek version for your content:

1. Choose your Greek voice talent(s)
2. Request a quote
3. Download your Greek audio files from the provided server access*

*We deliver the final audio using FTP servers or secure transfer third-party services.
*We create your own project folder and provide you with access.
*You can immediately start downloading your Greek audio files


A Service You Can Trust

We are available 24/7 to provide you with individual attention and high level of communication for the best remote Greek voice over production experience in the industry. Graffiti Studios are your single point of contact for your Greek voice over project needs. Our project management procedures of Media asset management- asset preparation, quality control, delivery and storage are what set us apart as a credible and trustful voice over service provider that you can fully rely on.

• 24/7 availability
• Fast turn-around
• Exceptional production quality

We always ensure deployment of relevant resources to achieve a smooth project workflow.
Our goal is to take off business weight from our Clients.


People Make Difference

Our team of excellent professionals- Greek translators, voice talents, sound engineers, voice over directors and audio producers will ensure outstanding production quality for your project.

• native speaking professional Greek voice over talents
• native speaking professional Greek sound engineers
• native speaking professional Greek voice over directors

We constantly train and bring new Greek voice over talents to the market.
Greek voice talent demos and voice over samples are available online for your comfort.


Sounds Great

We have a state-of-the-art ISDN Pro Tools/ Mac Pro equipped voice over studio complex located in Greece. We provide you with quality control procedures which guarantee your guidance has been followed all throughout the project in each and any casting, recording and production stage.

• Neumann microphones
• Pro Tools / Mac Pro fully equipped workstations
• Storage in temperature and humidity controlled areas
• Acoustically treated recording environment


Innovation & Simplicity

We use custom made tools and management systems to ensure upmost production quality and smooth project management workflow:

• VoiceCast (talent casting tool)
• VoicePro (voice over recording and production management system)
• MediaAsset (voice over project workflow management system)
• MediaTransfer (a cloud-based file transfer system)
• MediaArchive (project storage & archive management system)


Shared Environment

Currently we can provide but we are not limited to the following connection options:

• Source connect
• Phone patch
• Skype


Mind Your Language

Graffiti Studios manage a Global network of 150 local network partner voice over studios Worldwide. Partner studios join our network pool based on tests for production quality, project logistics and cost.
More than 3000 customers have awarded us with over 10 000 voice over projects through the years. There are many reasons why Graffiti Studios are market’s preferred voice over service provider:

• We are the actual producer of your Greek voice over project
• We work with Greek native speakers only- talents and voice over directors
• We have a highly trained and experienced production and logistics team
• We provide outstanding project management
• We operate a state-of-the-art Greek voice over studio facility
• We use custom tools and systems to ensure production quality and smooth workflow

We are SOCIAL                                                                     We are GREEN
One percent of company profit goes to charity.                   We don’t print unless completely necessary.

It's Easy To Get Started!

Join all major Greek voice over projects that come to life here! We are the actual producer of your Greek voice over and all production is held indoors up to the highest industry standards!

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